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Top 10 outdoor recreational activities to try

Top 10 outdoor recreational activities to try

When planning your next vacation, consider trying something adventurous, for instance, outdoor recreational activities like river rafting in Idaho or rock climbing. The sheer adrenaline rush will definitely help you de-stress, making you ready to tackle the daily routine with renewed energy once you are back. So, if this sounds like something you would like on your next adventure, here are a few ideas for outdoor recreation activities to get you started:

White water rafting
Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this is one of the most thrilling outdoor recreational activities you can find. Here, you can choose from six different intensities of rapids, i.e., difficulty levels based on the turbulence of the water. As you learn how to maneuver the raft, you can move on to higher intensities. So, for your next summer adventure, add white water rafting across canyons and wildlife corridors to your to-do list.

Hot air balloon rides
If pushing your body to its limits does not seem appealing to you, try hot air balloons for an exciting adventure minus all the work. You will love floating high above the ground level over breathtaking landscapes. To experience the best hot air balloon rides, check out outdoor recreation activities in Southwest America, where you can find balloon festivals throughout the year.

Wave surfing
Although it looks easy, surfing on the waves can be highly challenging. But this does not mean it is impossible to learn. From gentle rollers of waves to big barreled ones, there is a wave for every skill level. So, sign up for outdoor recreation courses for surfers once the surfing season begins and build your wave-riding skills.

Standup paddling
Stand-up paddleboarding is the best beginner outdoor recreational activity. Unlike surfing, you do not need high waves to get on the paddleboard. Just rent a personal watercraft from an outdoor recreation rental and stand on the board and use a paddle to move over the water.

Here’s a fun fact: snowboarding entered the Olympics in 1998, but it was developed way back in the 1960s. However, you do not have to be an athlete to pursue this as a recreational activity. But you need to master a few skills to move through fresh snow, as the sport carries a risk of injury. Once you have mastered the basics and practiced snowboarding on easier slopes, you can move on to more adventurous terrain.

Snorkeling is a less intense version of scuba diving. You do not need any special training, permit, or certification to try snorkeling. Further, there is no complicated equipment involved. It is also much cheaper to explore the underwater world via snorkeling than diving. Although you will not be able to dive deep into the ocean, the marine life in the surface layers will also give some interesting stories to share.

One of the most hassle-free recreation activities, cycling can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. If you want a relaxing ride, you can cycle on simple trails in the parks nearby. If you want a high-intensity workout, you can take up mountain biking, which requires some skills to tackle rough terrain. All you need to get started is proper gear available at any outdoor recreational equipment store.

Rock climbing
Rock climbing has become an intensely popular recreational activity over time. This is because the country has some of the best places for rock climbing, making it a top destination for enthusiasts all over the world. From great alpine slopes to steep, hidden cliffs with arid landscapes and rolling hills, you can explore varied structures. But you need to learn the basics of rock climbing in indoor settings before heading outdoors.

Dog sledding
Dog sledding, or dog mushing, as it is popularly known, is more than just rushing past trails across the snow at high speeds. You not only get spectacular views but also learn about one of the most ancient forms of travel that have been in existence way before snowmobiles came into the picture. Find the right outfitter, and they may even teach you how to handle the team of dogs pulling the sled.

This outdoor recreation activity is ideal for thrill seekers and definitely not for the faint of heart, as it carries huge risks. Additionally, you will need a lot of preparation—in the form of training and courses—before you get to experience skydiving. So, make sure to sign up with a reliable and reputed company that will train you and take you skydiving.

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