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Top services offered by dog grooming services

Top services offered by dog grooming services

When you raise a pet, you want to do your best to give them a comfortable home. This does not just mean providing a safe and friendly space for them, but also includes taking care of their health, hygiene, and other grooming needs. In fact, treating your pet to a professional grooming session doesn’t always come under the category of pampering, it is also necessary in several cases.

A grooming process for pets involves multiple tasks like bathing, brushing, and cutting nails, which must be undertaken with patience. While some dog owners have the ability and time to keep their dogs well-groomed, the rest outsource the grooming to professionals. Your dog’s hygiene is not just essential for them, but also for everyone in close contact with the pooch. For all those who prefer to utilize professional pet grooming, these are the various services offered.

  • Long relaxing bath for your dog
    A warm bath is given to your dog by professionals equipped to keep them calm throughout the process. There are dog shampoos for various skin and fur types, and these are specially formulated to tend to their needs. Any dirt and matting is removed from the fur and their hair is painstakingly detangled. Soft doggie towelettes help remove allergens and excreta residues. If you find your dog smelling a little bad, then the first thing would be to avail a grooming service.
  • Gentle face wash
    Professionals do not use harsh soaps on the face. They use gentle washes to clean up the dog’s face and carefully avoid sensitive areas like the eyes, nose, and ears. Most dogs accumulate moisture under the skin fold on the face, which act as a setting for bacterial growth. For young puppies, wet or baby wipes can be used to wipe the face clean.
  • Ear cleaning
    Ears can be a build-up place for infection-causing bacteria. These are places where the dogs can’t reach to scratch. Hence, ticks and bacteria get accumulated. Professional pet groomers use a gentle cloth or dog earbuds to remove dirt and wax from their ears. They also mandatorily check the inner and outer ear folds for bacteria. Bacteria inside the ear is more common among dogs that spend time in the water. The cleaning process is mostly done using a dog ear cleaner easily available in pet stores, which should be used with care.
  • Manicure and pedicure
    Dog nails grow just as fast as human nails; hence these need to be trimmed weekly or bi-weekly. Very often, bacteria settle in the nail areas and become a breeding zone for infection. These bacteria are carried into the homes when the dogs come back. To avoid the situation from aggravating, the pet’s paws are cleaned to remove patches of dry skin.
  • Dental care
    People often experience foul smells from the mouth of the dog. Not brushing for long durations allows the cavity to build up in the teeth’ enamel causing a bad odor. In some dogs, this may even lead to bleeding gums and brittle teeth. Dogs have canine-specific toothpaste that is available in many flavors like chicken and mint. Brushing your dog might not be the smoothest process and requires a lot of patience and care. Sometimes a dental spray is used as an alternative.
  • Brush their coat
    Dogs have extreme hair fall, and it is more significant in hairy breeds. Hence, it is important to brush the dogs with the proper brushing tools to remove unwanted undercoats. Frequent brushing and use of brushing products keep the dog coat lustrous and clean. For dogs with excessive fur, they offer trimming services, which experienced professionals carry out.