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Must-have office supplies that every business needs

Must-have office supplies that every business needs

Now that the world is returning to normal post-COVID, companies have started calling their employees to work from their offices. This is the right time to stock up on essential office supplies to ensure smooth functioning and efficient business operation. Office supplies are consumables and items an office needs for administrative and communication purposes. They include items like writing equipment, paper, and printing-related products, storage essentials, kitchen or pantry essentials, and cleaning supplies.

What are general office supplies?
General office supplies are standard items every office needs, regardless of size or type of work. Some of these supplies are listed below:

Papers are basic office supplies. You will need papers for taking notes as well as for printing. It is best to stock up on printing paper, carbon paper, and letterheads to avoid a run to the store to get printouts in the middle of the day. Other essential papers required are envelopes, mailing labels, legal pads, and notepads.

Writing equipment
Writing equipment like pencils, pens, refills and ink, highlighters and permanent markers, and board pens are essential for taking notes and highlighting important points. Stock up on other supplies like sharpeners, erasers, board pens, correction fluid, and sketch pens.

Folders, files, and binders
Every office needs folders and binders to keep its documents in place. Manila folders, handing folders, file folders, folder tabs, binder tabs, pockets, binder labels, binder sheets and reinforcements, and single, two, and three-hole punchers are some types of folders and binders used to store papers and documents in offices.

Small office supplies
Other than the supplies mentioned above, here are other essential office supplies.

Stapler, stapler pins and removers
Scissors, letter openers, and box cutters
Different sizes of paper and binder clips
Cellophane, masking, and packaging tapes and dispensers
Tape guns
Sticky notes of different sizes
Rubber bands
Board pins
Notice boards
Compass, T-square, and protractors
Pen stands
Desk and table organizers

Cleaning supplies
Soaps, disinfectants, and sanitizers
Mops and buckets
Air freshener sprays
Floor and toilet cleaners
Dishwasher tabs
Glass and computer monitor cleaners
Duster cloths and pans
Garbage and recycling bags
Facial tissues, pantry, and hand towels

First-aid kits
Emergency pills and fever reducers
ORS solutions
Masks and gloves
Cotton, bandages, and gauze

Must have office equipment
Office equipment is all the electrical, electronic appliances, and other devices that help improve a business’s efficiency and productivity. If you have this equipment on your premises, you don’t have to depend on external vendors or service providers for basic services like copying, printing, or even coffee. Some essential equipment includes:
Broadband and Wi-Fi systems
Communication systems
Fax machines
Coffee machines
Water coolers
Hot pots
Laminate machines
Label makers

Essential office furniture
The furniture in any business should be functional, comfortable for the employees, and match the business’s brand image. Big or small, the following are the seven essential office furniture every business should have:
Filing cabinets
Safes for storing important documents

Top five office supply companies
The office supplies and equipment business is estimated to grow to about $149.4 billion by 2028. Many leading companies provide top-quality supplies necessary for your office. A business can now buy all their requirement of office supplies, equipment, and furniture in one place. These companies also offer special packages, discounts, gifts, and discounts for clients who order supplies in bulk. The leading office supply companies of 2023 include:

Office Depot
Office Depot is one of the world’s leading providers, with 1,400 retail stores and e-commerce sites. They have one of the most exhaustive inventories spread across office supplies, equipment, and furniture.

Acco Brands is a leading branded stationery and equipment provider for homes, educational institutions, and offices. They are a global brand and feature some of the best brands in this line.

Quill Corp
Quill Corp has an impressive clientele of one million small and mid-sized companies with an inventory of about one million office products. You can buy all your essential office supplies from a pin to office furniture in one place.

Staples is a 35-year-old company selling office supplies of leading brands. They also offer their clients customized purchasing programs, pricing, and deals. Not only do they have top-quality products, but they also provide installation maintenance, servicing, and protection services for their clients.

Ryman is another one-stop solution for all your office essential needs, from stationery to tech products. They have 200 retail stores and an e-commerce site with attractive pricing and packaging for a business who want to buy in bulk.

One can rent basic equipment and furniture from office supply rentals by paying a contracted amount every month. This is best suited for business owners who do not want to invest in costly upfront payments and start-ups who want to invest in furniture once established.