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A guide to picking the right management software

A guide to picking the right management software

Most start-up companies consider factors like finding capital and a workspace. But a vital step that many tend to skip is incorporating management software to streamline and automate various business operations. Avoid making this mistake if you’re a new business person or are planning to set up a business. Read on to understand what management software is, why your business needs it, and which one to sign up for.

What is management software?
Business management is usually a task on its own, involving an entire department. Alternatively, certain software is designed to encompass all the things involved in managing everyday business operations and projects. These tasks include employee coordination, resource management, timetable scheduling, risk analysis, and task assignment. Certain management software are specialized for specific activities, and project, financial, team, and network management are some of the categories wherein management software comes in handy.

Why use management software for your business?
Whether free or paid, using management software to supervise your business operations can seem like a cumbersome task. This is because it would involve company-wide changes in operations and might require teaching and training employees to use the software. That said, the tangible benefits of using management software outweigh these shortcomings.

  • These programs help reduce the complexity of large projects, foster team collaboration and cooperation, and enable quick and easy project reporting.
  • Most are easy to use and allow more employees to participate in activities like risk mitigation. Instead of one person formulating a timetable after coordinating with a team, these software enable faster and more elegant decision-making.
  • Different types of management software enable different tasks. For instance, project management might focus on resources, finances, and team coordination, while financial software will have a completely different set of tools.

Which management software should you choose?
If you’re confident that management software would benefit your business, a valid follow-up question would be, “Which is the most efficient choice?.” Consider the following options to manage your projects better.

  • ProofHub
    This is one of the most powerful management platforms, thanks to the wide range of features it offers. It comes with a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, enabling you to manage your projects on the go. You can prioritize and assign tasks, store and share files, and provide feedback through the app or website. Gantt charts make it easier to track a project’s progress. You can choose from two plans with this management software: the Essential plan is available for $45/month billed annually, and the Ultimate Control plan costs $89/month billed annually. You can take a 14-day free trial with all features before subscribing to a plan.
  • StudioCloud
    This company has carved a niche for itself and earned a name in the market, so it is, undoubtedly, a reliable company. StudioCloud is an all-inclusive solution for your business needs. The platform allows you to manage clients, vendors, organizations, and partners all in one place. It helps you create and send out professional invoices and personalized, automated text and email reminders. A notable feature of this management software is that it allows your clients to review and sign contracts online. You can select from three plans starting at $10 a month.
  • Scoro
    Scoro is one of the top entrants in the list of all-in-one business management software. It is designed to get everything in one place—time management, project management, sales and reports, and finances. It makes managing every aspect of your business easier, making way for a measurable increase in work efficiency. You can track projects and profitability in real-time, manage finances in multiple currencies, and create customizable invoices. You can sign up for any of the four plans offered by this provider for better business management.