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5 top African safaris to choose next

5 top African safaris to choose next

Africa is the largest continent and boasts diverse ecosystems. It is home to nearly half a billion people, with endless natural wonders and cultures that are rich in history and heritage. The Great African Safari is an exciting way to experience this incredible region, but it is not just about seeing animals or going on a trip for adventure. It is also about meeting people worldwide who share a love for traveling!

The Great African Escape Safari
It is a package of eight days and seven nights that includes visits to Kruger National Park and Victoria Falls and an overnight stay at a 4-star or 5-star resort in an exclusive area with several restaurants and shops nearby. Your tour begins with a departure from Johannesburg in an air-conditioned luxury coach. You will arrive at your airport hotel after 2 hours on the road, where you can relax before heading out into Kruger National Park for some hiking through lush vegetation or game viewing opportunities (depending on what time of year it is). Next is a visit to Victoria Falls before taking off across Zimbabwe’s northern border into Mozambique, where many beaches along this coastline are perfect for swimming and more relaxation.

Victoria Falls and Serengeti Overland
The Victoria Falls and Serengeti Overland tour takes you to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. It is a great way to experience both countries.

The trip starts at Victoria Falls National Park, where you will see some of the most iconic views of this part of Africa: Hwange Dam, Mabula Gorge, and Bulawayo Bridge. After spending some time at these points, you will travel to Bulawayo, where you can visit Stone Age rock paintings or learn about local traditions at Makondes Village Museum (Museum). Then it is off again for another day packed with activities: ballooning over Lake Eland Game Reserve; walking through botanical gardens at Sabi Sands Lodge; enjoying lunch at Tara Beach before heading back towards camp for dinner together as a group before retiring early so everyone can get some sleep!

Tanzania Safari
Tanzania is excellent for safaris, with options ranging from luxury lodges to camps for the more adventurous souls. You can choose from various itineraries, including camping trips in the Serengeti or game drives in the Ngorongoro Crater. Prices vary depending on what kind of safari you want. If you want something rustic but still fun, consider staying at an eco-lodge where you will get personalized attention from your guides and guides so that they can tailor your experience according to your specific interests.

Wildebeest Wildlife Safari
The Wildebeests are the most numerous large mammals in the Serengeti, which means they are also an essential part of this safari. They migrate from Kenya to Tanzania for food and water, but they are hunted by lions, leopards, and hyenas along their route. The guides will take you on a thrilling ride through thickets filled with wildebeest herds while they jump over rivers or run through swamps as they try to escape predators that attack them if even a moment slower.

Masai Mara Safari
The Masai Mara is one of the exceptionally rated safaris in Africa because it is home to some of Africa’s most spectacular wildlife – including lions, rhinos, cheetahs, and leopards. It also has many unique attractions like Masai villages, riverside lodges that offer excellent service, and great food and drinks options at their restaurants. Additionally, there are fantastic bush walks through lush vegetation where you can spot wild animals such as hyenas or gazelles grazing on grasslands.

Africa has so much to offer that you will need multiple trips to enjoy it all. There are safaris in exotic places like the Serengeti, overland in the Great Victoria Falls and Tanzania, or even an all-inclusive luxury trip to lush countries like Kenya or South Africa. The choice is yours!