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How to choose a suitable storage facility

How to choose a suitable storage facility

Every home in our country has around 3,00,000 belongings, and it does cause a lot of clutter. Too much clutter can hamper our productivity and even lead to anxiety. One way to deal with the mess is to transfer items you do not need every day to a storage unit. All you have to do is sign up with a storage company and move in your stuff. After that, you can pay the rent and visit the storage unit to put something in or get something out.

But how do you decide what kind of storage unit you require? Here are some of the critical factors to consider.

Items that need to be stored
Choosing the proper storage unit boils down to the things you plan to put into it. If you have anything temperature sensitive, such as antiques or a musical instrument, you will need a climate-controlled unit located inside a building and not a typical garage-style setup. Similarly, if your items are valuable, you must select storage with round-the-clock monitoring and security, with insurance. However, such facilities can be costly.

Size of the storage unit
When determining the size of the storage unit, ensure that there is ample room to move around inside. Do not go for the smallest one; it will fit all your goods, but you will not be able to get your items out. If you pack your storage space wall to wall and from floor to ceiling, you may have to remove half the goods to search for and get one small thing out.

Standard storage units
Storage units are available in small, medium, and large sizes. The small units are 5*5 sq. ft. or 5*10 sq. ft. and are suitable if you have fewer items packed in small boxes. Medium storage units generally measure up from 5*15 sq. ft. to 10*10 sq. ft. and are suitable to store several pieces of large furniture and appliances. Motorcycles, too, can be stored in these units. But if you need to move to a different location and are looking for space to house all the goods in your apartment, you will require a large-sized storage unit. Large units can be 10*15 sq. ft., 10*20 sq. ft., or even up to 10*30 sq. ft.

Gate and office hours
Storage units usually have specific gate hours, that is, the period during which you can access the facility. The office hours are shorter, and, in the event of a problem, you can address the issue only during these hours. So ensure that you opt for a storage unit with gate and office timings convenient to you. If the facility closes at 5 pm and is not open on Saturdays and Sundays, it may be difficult for you to access it.

Top storage companies
Some of the large and prominent self-storage companies are listed below:

  • Public Storage
    Public Storage has many facilities worldwide with a sizing guide to help you select and rent storage units.
  • Extra Space Storage
    It is the second-largest and has coded access at entry gates, video surveillance, and on-site managers.
  • CubeSmart
    It is an affordable option and has discounts for military and referrals with special deals and major holidays.
  • Simply Self Storage
    They offer the best perks like insurance coverage at affordable rates. You also get mini storage units to store small boxes.

So, consider these points to determine the right option for you. Remember that a storage unit is also ideal if you are in transit mode and need to store your belongings until moving into a residence or physical office. Research well and choose wisely!