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5 popular office furniture brands

5 popular office furniture brands

Every office space needs tasteful furnishing. If you’re setting up or renovating your workspace, buy furniture that represents your firm or brand without you having to spend a lot. While that can be a tricky task, lovely pieces of furniture from some of the popular companies can help give your clients a sense of professionalism and good taste. So, here’s a guide to shopping for office furniture with some of the top brands. Turn to these brands to spruce up your workspace.

  1. Steelcase
    This commercial furniture company has been in the industry for over a century. It is still among the largest office furniture manufacturer, and there is certainly no denying that the company’s reputation is ironclad. It operates in locations across the globe, including Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East. Apart from buying office furniture from the manufacturer, one can purchase it from over 800 Steelcase dealers. The firm offers seating furniture, desks and tables, storage furniture systems, architectural products, and office decor and desk accessories.
  2. Urban Office
    Urban Office is a UK-based company founded in 2005. While not nearly as experienced in the industry as the other office furniture brands, the company has made a name in the commercial furniture industry, thanks to the wide range of modular furniture it offers. The various modern furniture pieces make it a popular choice among firms, large and small. Their product line is diverse, with acoustic furniture, office seating furniture, desks, tables, and storage options, all tailor-made to give a workspace the feel that suits the client.
  3. Herman Miller
    Founded in 1915, Herman Miller is a top-of-the-line commercial furniture manufacturer based out of Michigan. Its annual revenue of billions is a true testament that the firm has kept up with the changing times and ensured the consistent quality of its products. Herman Miller has won many awards for its innovative and user-friendly office furniture designs, and its most popular products include the Aeron Chair, which is a feature in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. The company’s signature products also include the Equa chair, Marshmallow sofa, the Eames Lounge chair, and the Noguchi table. Never-thought-before is the perfect adjective for this century-old office furniture brand.
  4. Haworth
    This family-owned and operated firm was founded in Michigan, but it has more than 650 dealers in 120 countries now. It is one of the top firms to check out if shopping for commercial office furniture. One can browse through various product lines and shop for seating, architectural interiors, storage, and accessories. Apart from supplying globally, Haworth designs, sources, and manufactures its products in the client markets, delivering products tailored to their clients’ diverse cultures. While futuristic innovation is a crucial goal, the company also focuses on sustainable sourcing.
  5. Knoll
    This furniture brand was founded by Hans and Florence Knoll and is famed for its collaborations with designers like Franco Albini and Raul de Armas. This should be the firm to consider for office furniture needs if looking for classic designs. Knoll carefully tailors its furniture to each company’s portfolio, considering a client’s organizational structure and usage patterns. The brand is known for uniquely catering to each market, and they offer customizations in addition to their extensive catalog. Knoll uses an energy management program to ensure that its production process is eco-friendly, and it has grown to become a global leader in the furnishing industry.

Ensure that you shop around and research your options before finalizing which company to approach for your office furniture. Apart from the costs and design, don’t forget to look at product durability, the brand’s authenticity and reliability, and customer support if needed.