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5 best cloud management services for businesses

5 best cloud management services for businesses

While cloud data services are slowly permeating all businesses, managing this space is an action most firms overlook. A well-designed cloud management service can do wonders for any company. It allows the organization to achieve three primary goals with a single program. You can increase flexibility as the company can access, create, monitor, and adjust its cloud resources. The workflow becomes further automated, and managing cloud spaces becomes possible without human intervention. Finally, cloud analysis allows the firm to enhance user experience and track cloud workload.

While there are many advantages, the primary obstacle to integrating cloud management services into your business will be knowledge and familiarity. A skilled computer technician can guide you the best, but all firms might not have such individuals in their employment. But this short-term investment is bound to have long-term benefits, so consider the following cloud management services to upgrade your business to its true potential.

From the well-known Apptio company, Cloudability is an easy-to-use, affordable cloud platform focused on catering to enterprises of various sizes. Pilling, usage, performance, and pricing can all be tracked and analyzed on this single platform. It offers granular insights for a very reasonable price. Cloudability also permits visualization and allocation capacities to streamline and even improve everyday operations. Data transformation features also enable quick communication between and within departments. Note, however, that financial management is the area of focus for Cloudability, though various other features are available as well.

CloudCheckr is marketed as a “Total Visibility” cloud management service. As it promises, it permits multiple public cloud and hybrid workloads. It has a reputation of uncovering cost savings of up to 30%. It generates a complete picture of your work environment like cost optimization, cloud billing, cloud automation and security, and financial management. You can deploy CloudCheckr to manage and govern all critical and complex cloud assets. This feature is enhanced through its multi-could capabilities like Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure, enabling a unification of cost, security compliance, inventory, and utilization solutions on an all single platform. There are over 600 proactive practice checks to ensure that your cloud infrastructure is secure.

CloudHealth is a cloud management service brought to you by VMware. Related tools are VMware Hybrid Cloud Platform and vRealize Automation Cloud. However, the service in focus is Cloud Health. It is a cloud management platform that allows analysis and management of cloud costs, usage, security, and overall governance of such spaces. It grants insights into visibility and optimization for other cloud environments like Mesos, Amazon ECS, and Kubernetes. Cloud Health permits users to generate fluid multi-cloud reports through customizable dashboards and monitor all aspects of a cloud space across various business units.

Another multi-cloud management infrastructure that permits cloud visibility, optimization, allocation, and automation is Centilytics. The platform has five different products, each handling one of the above-mentioned cloud management features. Cloud Visibility allows a 360-degree view of a user’s various cloud spaces, categories based on service, region, and resource tags. Optimization and allocation enable you to increase the efficiency of the allotment of monetary resources for cloud operations. Cloud Automation improves engineering efficiency by permitting automation of workload allotment and backups. Overall the five platforms work in synchrony to enhance your cloud space.

IBM Multicloud Manager
IBM Multicloud Manager is one of the more popular cloud management solutions. It permits the overseeing of multiple Kubernetes clusters on public and private cloud interfaces. Users can see all their cloud spaces in groups based on lifecycle management on a single customizable dashboard. You can set up your own policies and enable predictive alert systems like automated backups, disaster recovery options, and workload transfers. One of the primary goals of IBM Multicloud Manager is to enable the scaling up of your business.

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