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Top 5 electric adjustable beds

Top 5 electric adjustable beds

Restful sleep is necessary for overall health and well-being, and one way to ensure quality sleep is to use the right bed. Nowadays, many people consider electric adjustable beds. These beds can be adjusted electrically with the push of a button, which improves comfort, convenience, and ease. Moreover, many brands sell them, so you’ll easily find one that suits your needs. Below are a few popular options you can consider.

Saatva Adjustable Base Plus
The Saatva Adjustable Base Plus is among the top picks because of its competitive price and compelling features. The bed has silent motors, ensuring you can adjust it without disturbing anyone’s sleep. While you can switch to multiple positions, the advanced anti-snore position is perhaps the most useful. It raises the head to relieve airway pressure and reduce snoring. A wireless remote control allows you to control the settings wherever you want. Another top feature is under-bed lighting, which helps you safely move in or out of bed in the dark. The bed also has a head and leg massaging capability with three speed options. Although this bed base has no trial period, you get a 25-year warranty!

Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame
This bed frame by Nectar comes with a 50-day trial and three-year warranty and is more cost-effective than many other options. It has preset buttons for getting into zero-gravity and anti-snore positions as well as two programmable memory buttons. You also get two USB ports on each side of the bed. This bed frame has a two-zone massage capability with three intensity settings.

Casper Adjustable Base Max
The Casper Adjustable Base Max has several features, some of which are incredibly useful for older adults. It has a four-zone massage capability and multiple preset sleeping positions, such as anti-snore, zero-gravity, and flat sleeping. You get a built-in USB port to charge your smartphone or tablet, and the under-bed lighting makes you move safely in the dark. Older adults may benefit from the neck and foot tilt and wall-hugging features. You get a 30-night trial and a warranty of ten years.

Zoma Adjustable Bed
The Zoma Adjustable Bed has various advanced features that help you get a good night’s sleep. A few highlights include a dual-massage zone with three power levels, quiet motors for silent operation, and preset sleeping positions like zero-gravity, flat, and anti-snore. You can also save your favorite sleeping positions with the custom preset feature. This bed has no trial period, but you get a warranty of ten years.

Puffy Adjustable Base
The Puffy Adjustable Base helps relax the body and reduce pain and stress. It has a dual-massage zone with three speed settings and is compatible with most mattresses. You enjoy a lifetime warranty and a longer trial period of 101 days to decide if the product meets your requirements.

How to choose the right bed?
Since there are many electric adjustable beds on the market, selecting one can get tricky. However, a few tips will help you choose the right option. Experts recommend looking for useful features like anti-snore and zero-gravity sleeping positions and add-on benefits to help you sleep better. Inspecting the product’s quality is also essential. Buy beds that have good design, construction, and engineering while still being easy to install and assemble. Further, you must check the product’s warranty and trial period and understand how the brand handles customer problems. Finally, check the adjustable beds’ compatibility with your mattresses, and don’t exceed your budget.

We recommend you also explore other brands and do further research before choosing an electric adjustable bed. These beds offer various health benefits, so investing in one might prove helpful in the long term.