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Top 5 automated workflow software in the market

Top 5 automated workflow software in the market

Automated workflow reduces the effort and time in performing repetitive tasks like data entry, replying to emails, sending reminders, triggering campaigns, and setting up tasks. Automated workflow reduces human intervention and performs tasks on the basis of rules and logic. The idea behind automated software is to save time, money, reduce human errors, and boost productivity. Here is a compiled list of automated workflow software that an organization could find useful.

This software enables workload automation to reduce the time of a task in half, gain synergy in operations, offer real-time insights, and enables customizable alerts. Being used by renowned firms like Deloitte, Subway, Verizon, and BOSH, ActiveBatch not only assists in developing faster workflows but also helps in streamlining IT operations and simplifies administration. This automated software can carry out operations like job scheduling, event automation, monitoring, alerting, and reporting.

Zvolv is an automation platform that assists departments and teams in rapid decision making, reduce execution timelines, delivers key insights, and efficiently automates data-driven processes. Zvolv can be adopted by industries like finance, retail, healthcare, supply chain management, manufacturing, FMCG/CPG, and services. This intelligent automated software can help in planning, optimization, expansion, auditing, and projects.

One of the best and most commonly used automated software by marketing firms, HubSpot operates on a single platform. It helps align processes, saving time and reducing human intervention and friction that may come in the way of completing each task. HubSpot ideally works for growing businesses as it highly reduces the effort from team members, lessens the need to coordinate, and gives timely reports and insights. This automated software can help take care of many operations like marketing, sales, customer service, and operations departments.

This automated tool works best for businesses that rely on mobile and e-commerce, thanks to its responsive design support. Their drag-and-drop editing and intuitive workflow visualizations make this software easy to use and learn. KissFlow makes it easy to track processes and workflows, enabling notifications at every step of the way. This automated tool also helps connect all its users’ technology, helping the user keep all processes in a single place.

This cloud-based delivery system is renowned for its contribution to the mobile quality management solution for manufacturers. The objective is to tackle data challenges that also assist in reducing costs, decreasing production time, and enhancing customer service and satisfaction. Manufacturers can rely on TrackVia for process deviations, ISO 9001 compliance, supplier quality, employee training, and non-conformance. Some of the recognized firms that rely on this automated software include Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Hitachi, 3D systems, DOW, BRINKS, and SEWON. Perfect for medium to large scale firms, TrackVia helps manufacturers track inventory and production, manage quality control, and reduce the production lead time, overall enhancing the efficiency and quality of processes. TrackVia also offers end-to-end transparency and accountability in case of critical quality metrics and processes.

Taking assistance from automated software has become common for small and large firms alike. They help streamline processing, minimize human intervention, and reduce human errors due to interaction between departments and teams. So, if you are looking to automate workflow, choose one of the abovementioned software as per your needs.