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Top 4 pet insurance plans

Top 4 pet insurance plans

Pet parents always find ways to do things better – they are on the lookout for healthy food, searching for new toys, or rushing to the vet at the slightest sign of trouble with their pets. But not many remember that pets, like people, need insurance too. If you are a pet parent, enrolling in pet insurance plans helps keep your pet safe. Pet insurance guarantees that you can take care of unexpected emergencies and medical procedures promptly. While most policies are low priced and offer generous coverage, hidden conditions, preventive coverage, and deductibles are difficult to understand.

To help you choose the best one, here are the top four pet insurances in the market.

Pet Assure
Pet Assure is the perfect company for those of you with different species of pets. The cost and flexibility it offers make it the top pick. The monthly payments are comparatively low, and it covers all types of pets. Unlike most other insurance companies, Pet Assure pays for pre-existing conditions and preventive care as well. There are no annual limits or deductibles. Yet another significant advantage is the rates – a single cat plan, for example, costs less than $10, and for a dog plan is $12/month. Even the unlimited plan has a premium of only $21.95 a month, much lower than most other pet insurance plans in the market. However, the coverage is extended to only in-network veterinarians consisting of only 5,600 veterinary professionals. Also, prescription medications are not covered.

PetFirst is one of the best insurance policies for routine pet care. Coverage begins the day you enroll your pet, and insurance plans start from $125 and can go up to $575 annually. There is a deductible, but it is below $250. Both preventive treatment and accidents and injury care have an annual limit. However, the range of coverage is extensive. PetFirst insurance covers diagnostic tests, hospitalizations, alternative therapies, emergency care, behavioral training, and routine examinations. Price-wise, too, PetFirst is quite advantageous. Dog insurance starts at $15 a month, and cat insurance at $9. Certain professionals, especially those working with animals, can avail of a 10% discount, and multi-pet families also get a minimum of 5% off.

You may love hugging and kissing your pets, but your wallet will most certainly thank you for taking advantage of Embrace’s many pet insurance plans. Accident benefits start two days after you apply. However, for illnesses, there is a 14-day waiting period. All plans cover your pet from nose to tail and include all emergency procedures at any licensed veterinary hospital. Unlike a lot of other companies, there are accident-only schemes as well. A significant advantage of Embrace pet insurance is that hereditary, congenital, and chronic conditions are covered as well. Most insurance policies do not reimburse for these conditions because of the constant medical attention that they demand. And an added advantage is that Embrace covers prescription medicines, diets, vaccines, and microchipping. The pet insurance rates start at $72 a year but vary based on age, size, and breed/species of pets.

Figo is the friendliest insurer offering coverage for alternative treatments like acupuncture and chiropractic, even in their most basic plan. There is no specified network. Hence, any licensed veterinarian can take care of your pet, and Figo will reimburse you within 30 days. Another benefit of Figo pet insurance is the flexible and helpful customer service. But despite these, be aware that the base plan does not cover examination fees or preventive treatment. There are three tiers of coverage – Essential, Preferred, and Unlimited. Like Embrace Pet Insurance, policies from Figo also include chronic, hereditary, and congenital conditions. The minimum insurance premium starts at $92 a year.