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Top 3 wireless security systems and their features

Top 3 wireless security systems and their features

Wireless security systems use a set of devices like alarms, sensors, a range of detectors, and cameras connected to one main panel using radio frequency instead of wires. When one of the wireless devices picks up suspicious activity, it sends a signal to the alarm, triggering the siren. You or your monitoring service will then alert the police. The system has a battery backup, and hence in the event of a power outage, the system continues to work without shutting down. You can activate and deactivate them in a few seconds.

Benefits and disadvantages of wireless security systems: Multiple models are increasingly becoming popular as they are portable and installed in minutes. You can customize the Smart Hub or the control panel as per your basic or advanced protection needs. You can operate them remotely with the help of an app. The risk of hacking is a reality, and hence only buy good quality systems covered with maximum security. Because they operate due to radio magnetic waves, there could be interference in signals if sensors are not placed in the right spots. Sensors can pick up activity only up to 500 feet, and it could become untenable for large properties. These properties require comprehensive systems with multiple sensors, making them very expensive.

Some of the best rated and foolproof wireless security systems are:

Vivint Smart Home
If you are looking for a host of safety features and sensors, this could be the one for you. Vivint’s components include a 7-inch wired touch screen Smart hub with a speaker, mic, siren, and a battery. You can purchase the initial starter kit at $599, which contains the Smart Hub and four motion sensors. You can keep buying additional sensors based on your need and budget. You can pay it in convenient monthly installments. Other devices like indoor, outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras, car guards, smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors should be bought at additional costs. The cameras are of high quality and can detect intruders in your yard or on your doorstep. They begin flashing red lights or send out whistles if they detect a movement. The doorbell camera has a 180-degree view. It can detect packages on your doorstep and send you a red light or a warning tone if someone tries to remove them.

Backed by 140 years of experience, they offer affordable security systems compared to other similar systems. The company offers equipment and monitoring plans at a lower cost starting at about $15 a month. They have five different packages, and you can choose one based on your need for a particular type of sensor and the protection you require. The cost of their basic package is $229. You can easily install the equipment on your own. You can connect the system over Wi-Fi and cellular data. They have a range of sensors and smart locks, doorbell and outdoor cameras, panic buttons that you can add to the control panel at reasonable costs.

Their security system is easy to install – you can do it yourself without the services of a professional technician. The company offers three levels of protection from basic, medium, to advanced protection. The basic package includes a hub, a keypad, three sensors, a set of 5 window decals, a yard sign, and a sticker. The base price is around $326, and you can keep upgrading if you need advanced protection. Monthly fees start at $49.99. You can add smart home equipment, indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras at additional costs for more security. You will need professional monitoring, and its costs include app and video surveillance costs. They have flexible monthly installment payment options.

Wireless security systems are an investment for your family’s safety against multiple risks like an intrusion, burglary, fire, and electric or gas leakage. Do your research, compare rates and features of multiple systems and choose one that allows customization to your specific needs.