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Top 3 general household pest exterminators

Top 3 general household pest exterminators

Did you know that keeping the kitchen and bathroom clean with disinfectants can reduce the number of pests in your house considerably? Regular and periodic cleaning, maintaining hygiene, removing clutter, and preventing water stagnation are a few of the basic steps to prevent pest infestation. Despite such efforts, there are three pests: termites, cockroaches, and bedbugs, which can be removed only by professional pest control services.

Guidelines to choose the right pest control service

Verify licenses: The agency should have a legal license from the state and local agencies. Ask them if their employees are bonded – it implies that the company will reimburse you for any loss or damage caused by their employees. The company should also be insured for any accidental pollution.

Gather information: Talk to multiple service providers in detail about free inspection before a quote, chemicals they use and specific active ingredients, risk of allergies or any adverse reactions, type of pesticide, and method of application. Furthermore, even confirm what you should do before and after an application to reduce exposure to pesticides and how to ensure the prevention of future pest infestations.

Choose the company that is transparent and discloses all necessary information.

Research online: Find information and reviews about service providers. Ask for recommendations in your neighborhood community, circle of friends, and family before shortlisting one.

Guarantee of service: Companies should guarantee that there will be no subsequent pest infestations for x number of months or years after treatment.

Based on the above parameters, track record, years of experience, customer satisfaction, and reviews. To help you, here are the top pest control services in the country.

Orkin has a clientele of about 1.7 million in their 100 years of business. Their USP is an emergency service that is offered same-day if you ]call them before 2vp.m. They offer customized plans for protection against 20 household pests and have separate plans for protection from termites and bedbugs. They offer a complete inspection of your home before giving a quote. A free home inspection, removing cobwebs and wasp nests, sealing and fortifying all gaps and cracks are some of the USP of their services. They also install pest monitors in vulnerable areas of homes like sinks, kitchen storage, bathrooms, and utility areas. Orkin has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a full refund of the final service plan if pests return after the treatment. They are available in 82 locations across 14 states, and their annual plan costs around $575.

In this line of business for more than 100 years, Ehrlich is present in twenty states. They are known for efficient pest control and termite control services. You can customize their PestFree 350 plans to cover about 40 pests, along with a free termite inspection. They use certified ingredients and employ about 750 trained professional technicians for their service. Their service is safe for children and pets. They constantly offer discounts on their pest control plans. Their annual general pest control plan will cost between $600 and $1200 based on the size of the property and the number of pests covered.

Aptive Environmental
As the name suggests, the products they use are derived from natural products and are safe for the environment. Their products contain pyrethrin, an insecticide derived from chrysanthemums. They offer one complete plan – called the Four Seasons plan, involving one visit every quarter. First, they treat the foundation and treat all cracks and gaps. In this visit, they do a flushing treatment that kills about 80% of the adult pests. Within a month of the first visit, they treat the eggs and young ones and destroy them. In the remaining three visits, they offer service as per the customized plan. They are present in 24 states. Their Four seasons plan costs between $560 and $620.