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Tips for finding the right chimney repair service

Tips for finding the right chimney repair service

A fireplace on a cold evening adds old-age charm to a house, making it more romantic and cozy. But you may change your mind if the chimney has a problem and there is smoke everywhere when you light it up. Once you decide to build a fireplace with a chimney, it is good to know about the problems you may encounter in the future. Here’s everything you need to know about chimney repair services:

Common chimney problems that need professional service
When the smoke cannot escape fully from the chimney, it forms a thick black tar-like substance called creosote. The build-up is risky as it can cause chimney fires and spread to other parts of the house.

Obstructions in the chimney
Sometimes debris like leaves, nests of birds or small animals, or collapsed bricks or tiles can obstruct the inside of the chimney and prevent the smoke from escaping. The smoke may then spread around the house and cause breathing difficulties and irritation to the eye.

Cracked and damaged bricks
Too much moisture in the bricks can cause them to break. Old chimneys can lean, sag, or break down completely. These bricks have to be replaced to prevent the chimney from collapsing.

Cracked chimney flue
A Chimney flue is like an exhaust pipe that carries the smoke to the top of the chimney. Moisture and creosote can cause the flue to crack and needs to be replaced.

Damaged or missing chimney covers and caps
Chimney caps and covers protect the top of the chimney and must be replaced frequently. If not, they can get damaged and allow debris to get into the chimney. It is common for birds and small animals like squirrels to build nests in summer months or when the chimney is not being used.

All the above problems need immediate attention from a professional service. Do not try to set this thing right yourself unless you have the knowledge and experience to set it right. You require special tools, gear, and experience cleaning the chimney, removing the obstructions, and relaying the bricks. It is advisable to hire a professional service who can inspect the chimney, understand the problem and give a professional solution. If you are looking for a professional chimney repair service, keep the following points in mind:

Services a chimney repair services offer:
Choose a service with experienced and qualified technicians who can handle and repair any problem that may occur in the chimney. They should typically offer services like:
Chimney sweeps or chimney cleaning
Flue liner repair
Chimney cap replacement
Brick replacement and rebuilding
Repointing and tuckpointing mortar

Ask for references and reviews
Hiring someone with good references is always advisable. Ask among your family, friends, or within your community for references. This way, you may have contacts of more than one service and first-hand information about their quality of work and rates.

Talk to each one of the service companies
Talk to each one of the service companies so that you can understand if they have the necessary licenses and if their workers have the necessary insurance. Chimney work carries the risk of falls, fire hazards, and inhalation of carbon monoxide fumes. You should also verify if the equipment and tools are in good condition and that the workers will wear all the protective gear as required by law.

Insist on a site inspection and a contract
Do not hire anyone unless they visit the site, thoroughly inspect the problem, and give you an appropriate quote. Talk to multiple service companies and choose the one that offers you the best quote with a record of good quality work.