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Tips for choosing the right lawn services for seniors

Tips for choosing the right lawn services for seniors

Lawn care services include lawn care and maintenance. It helps to improve vegetation and remove weeds. Lawn maintenance includes lawn mowing, watering, border edging, and pruning trees and shrubs within the lawn. Most companies also offer spring and fall clean-up as part of the care and maintenance services. While lawn care services are skill-oriented, lawn maintenance is more labor-oriented and can be done by people with little or some experience.

Senior lawn services are companies or small businesses that provide low-cost services for seniors who cannot work on their lawns alone. It is a profitable business, and many care companies offer such services in every county, city, and town.

Lawn care services
Lawn care services are responsible for maintaining and improving vegetation growth and keeping it clean. The services that are part of lawn care are:

  • Soil testing
  • Pest and weed control
  • Fertilizer application
  • Irrigation and deep root feeding systems
  • Aeration

Benefits of senior lawn care services
Some key benefits of senior lawn care services include:

Lesser risk
Gardening can be a relaxing activity that keeps one physically active and mentally relaxed. However, lawn care and maintenance require a host of tools and machinery. One may also need a lot of stamina to do physical work like hauling, bending, raking, and weeding. It may be physically tiring for seniors, and they may strain their backs, trip on wires and cables, or sustain injuries while using sharp tools. Pesticides and fertilizers could cause breathing problems or allergies in seniors. If you own a lawn mover, you will incur fuel, maintenance, and repairs expenses. You also have to clean the mower thoroughly after every use. Using a senior lawn care service reduces workload and prevents the risk of injury.

Professional service
Senior lawn care services provide professional services as they set up reminders and clean the lawn on time quickly and efficiently. They also clean the yard and ensure no debris or dry leaves remain on the site. They use multiple tools and will choose the right mower and blades depending on the type of grass and the size of the lawn.

Long-term savings
Most lawn services offer discounts and other free services when you hire them. However, it is helpful to save cash in the long term as you no longer have to rent equipment or spend money on buying tools, expensive fertilizer, or pesticides.

Seniors may not be able to complete all the lawn work in one day and may spend a few minutes daily or work during weekends. However, lawn care services can finish the work in one sitting, as they can mow an acre of lawn in two hours.

How to choose the right lawn care service for seniors?

  • The first point of reference to choosing an excellent senior lawn care service can be your friends, family, and neighborhood. Choose a lawn care service recommended by the maximum number of people in your network.
  • Once shortlisted, talk to the company associates and ask them to inspect your lawn before deciding on a quote and signing a contract.
  • You can choose a local lawn care service or a franchisee of a larger brand. Compare their rates and the list of services they provide. Check for their local county or state licenses and verify if the workers have been insured. You can request to see their insurance documents to check their validity.
  • Most services offer discounts and free services for seniors. Talk to more than one service provider to optimize your savings.
  • Find out about their refund or cancellation policy. If you are unhappy with their service, do they offer refunds or rectification services without additional charge?
  • Verify their customer service record and if they respond to your queries through email or phone. Do they send timely reminders about the next service and give you enough notice to be ready and available? Do they prepare proper invoices and send them to you on time with all the relevant information? Good customer service can be a differentiator and give you peace of mind.