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Simple tips to help sell your house faster

Simple tips to help sell your house faster

Planning to sell your house but don’t know where to start? Know, there are a few i’s to dot and t’s to cross before you can arrive at a deal that benefits both parties. You must understand the legalities involved, any obligations that may arise from the sale, and most importantly, consider the costs before listing the property. Before putting out that “For Sale” sign in the front door, here are key points to consider.

Make a strategy
You cannot just get up one day and sell the house out of the blue. The market doesn’t work like that. Have a strategy in place that streamlines the sale process to get the best possible deals. Firstly, ensure the price is right. Nobody out there is willing to buy overpriced homes. Read up on estimates and find out about the current asking rate before putting up a price tag. Create an open house opportunity for interested buyers to check out the home and included amenities. Hire the help of a listing agent lay some groundwork for marketing. Agents will also remain helpful in negotiating the right price as they too work on commission. Follow these steps correctly to sell your house at the best price.

Invest in the sale
Hire a broker who knows and understands the market. They will help set a realistic timeline to sell your house. Arrange for a pre-sale home inspection and let prospective buyers know that everything is in order. An inspection also allows you to make necessary repairs before listing it on the market. Do not bother with the renovation, as buyers prefer a clean slate to redecorate the place to their liking. But ensure that everything else in the house is in livable condition. Next, get some good pictures taken by a professional photographer. Ever heard of the saying “What you see is what you get?” Well, it’s quite apt for the real estate market because poorly conceived sale strategies and inexperienced sellers can both a good deal and bring down the value of the home. So, invest the requited amount of time and money to make the house sellable.

Ensure all the papers are in order
Real estate dealings are tricky as is without the added burden of keeping all papers handy. Before the broker invites potential buyers, ensure you have the home’s original purchase contract, recent property survey, certificate of occupancy and compliance, mortgage documents if any, insurance, latest home appraisal, and all tax records. You can even hire a real estate attorney who specializes in the paperwork necessary to pout through a sale. Attorneys are adept at spotting issues in the title deed that may hamper the sale. Problems like outstanding liens, home trust complications, balance mortgage, tax issues, and even issues with encroachments need to be dealt with before you sign over the dotted line to sell your house.

Consider FSBO for a quick sale
If you are in a hurry to sell your house and have everything ready, you can always put up a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) sign out on the front lawn. Buyers who don’t want to pay extra commission for property broking may be interested in purchasing houses directly from the owner. FSBO sales can happen within a few weeks, especially when you have the contacts to line up potential buyers. But be prepared to take all the responsibility that comes along with the sale. Without a broker or attorney, you must be sure about the paperwork to be filed and follow all compliance.