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Common types of laptops and desktops

Common types of laptops and desktops

A computer is an indispensable gadget that can perform several logical or numerical processes. Although many other types of modern computers exist, laptops and desktops continue to be the common ones. Both types are equipped with vastly different designs, even though they carry out the same basic functions. So, here is a look at the difference between their designs and the top options you can find today for each type.

Laptops versus desktops
Laptops are smaller and lighter computers, making them portable. As the name suggests, laptops can be used and placed wherever you are seated. Desktops, on the other hand, have to be placed on a steady surface like tabletops or desks, as they are designed to be stationary. Desktops need to be hooked to a power source to function. Typically, desktop computers have separate units for the display and processor.

Types of laptops
If you want to use a computer on the go, you should consider getting a laptop. Here are the types of laptop computers you can find today:

Ultraportable: Ultraportable laptops are small and light and are designed for mobility. Certain capabilities, including a CD/DVD drive and connection ports, are removed from the design of an ultraportable laptop to increase mobility. Here, a key advantage is that the gadget is inexpensive and convenient to transport wherever you go.

Ultrabook: With all the characteristics of a typical laptop, ultrabooks are slim electronic notebooks. They work quicker than a typical laptop and keep commonly used data and software on quick SSD storage. They use less energy, extending the battery life.

Macbooks: Apple manufactures and sells Macbooks. Although they may resemble Windows PCs, these have tighter hardware control, which can lead to fewer issues and better stability.

Chromebook: Google’s ChromeOS powers Chromebooks, which have limited storage because they are designed to work with web apps, and data is maintained in the cloud. Chromebooks are increasingly overtaking other types in terms of growth thanks to their low price, simple setup process, sophisticated parental controls, and integrated virus protection.

Convertible (2-in-1): You can find the characteristics of a laptop and a tablet in this type, also known as hybrid laptops. Using mechanics like detaching and sliding, they may swiftly move between touchscreen tablet mode and conventional keyboard mode.

Tablets: When equipped with an attached keyboard, a tablet can function like a laptop. A tablet is believed to represent future laptops, being extremely portable and handy gadgets.

Netbook: A low-powered Intel Atom processor powers a netbook, a low-cost laptop. This style is no longer manufactured as Chromebooks and ultrabooks have replaced it.

Types of desktop computers
In contrast to laptops, desktop computers feature separate units for computer components like a monitor, frame, keyboard, and mouse. Even though highly popular, laptops still fall short of desktop computers in terms of screen size, capacity, performance, and price. The common types of desktop computers are:

Gaming desktops: High-performance gaming PCs offer excellent CPU, GPU, and RAM specs for users to play video games at high resolutions and frame rates. A gaming computer mouse and mechanical keyboard are also offered with desktop PCs.

Home theater: A home theater computer system provides entertainment. This computer has a high-definition monitor, a video graphics card, surround sound capabilities, and TV tuner systems and is only intended for entertainment. It is ideal for dance parties, taverns, and movie screenings.

Workstation: Workstations resemble personal computers in appearance but are more powerful. Professionals utilize workstation computers because these systems can handle bigger tasks and multitasking.

Server: Companies may use servers to power computers for their employees. All the high-performance components you expect in gaming and workstation computers are also found in servers, a type of computer. These computers are usually central units that can carry out specific tasks for multiple users, controlling large amounts of data and services.

Key accessories
A monitor, keyboard, and mouse are crucial computer accessories. A computer can take on many more jobs if you equip it with such essential computer peripherals and accessories. A system consists of the central processing unit (CPU), motherboard, and power supply.

Computers were once a luxury, but today it has become a must-have tool. Not just as users, you can contribute to the growing technology by pursuing a career in computer engineering. You can find a variety of computer courses and jobs if being a part of the advancement of computers is something you would enjoy. You can explore some of the best computer-related jobs like that of software engineer, game developer, web developer, and programmer.