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A guide to buying gold bullion coins and gold bullion bars

A guide to buying gold bullion coins and gold bullion bars

Gold bars and gold coins have been a popular and safe haven investment option for families to park their funds after spending on essentials and lifestyle maintenance. The idea of investing in gold coins and gold bars is an attractive option compared with other risky ventures or investments. Gold is a dense metal, and one cubic foot can be worth ten million US dollars. Gold bars come in different weights, starting from 1 gram to 1 KG. Gold bars come with the markings of the weight, the manufacturer, and the purity.

American Gold Eagle Bullion Coins
This is the official gold coin of the USA. Each Gold Eagle coin from the United States Mint features images of the nation’s most iconic symbol, the Bald Eagle, which reminds the American nation’s majesty, longevity, and strength. The Gold Eagle coins are available in 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, and 1/10oz.

When it comes to investing money in gold bars, a few factors will need careful thought. By keeping these factors in mind before investing, you can ensure you make an informed decision appropriate to your investment needs. The points to consider while buying gold bars are as follows:

  1. The purity of gold bars
    Investment-grade bullion is 99.99% pure solid gold. Gold bars are usually sold at a premium above the spot price, covering the manufacturing, distribution, and dealer fees. The premium is less than that charged for gold coins, as it takes less time and effort to produce gold bars. It is also worth considering that the premium reduces with an increase in the size of the bars.
  2. Divisibility
    Gold bars are rectangular and evenly shaped, having a gold content of 99.99% in them. These gold bars come in various sizes and weights, with the most popular sizes being 1oz,10oz,110g,1 kg, and 400oz. If you buy larger bars, you may have a problem dividing them to sell a portion of the bar. It is better to buy smaller bars or coins if you are a small investor. This will help you sell a part of it easily if you need to.
  3. Storage of the gold bars
    If you own smaller quantities of gold bars or coins, you can store them in a secured space in your home. If you choose to keep it at home, you will be required to re-authenticate the bars before selling them. A better option for security and ease of sale is to store the bullion at specialized insured vaults operated by professionals. For example, some companies like GoldCore offer high-security vaults to their clients at various locations. Besides being safe storage spaces, these vaults also make selling the gold faster and easier.

Some of the popular companies selling gold bullion bars and coins in America are as follows:

  1. APMEX
  2. Texas Precious Metals
  3. Monex Precious Metals
  4. Goldline International
  5. DGSE companies
  6. Schiffgold.com
  7. Blanchard Gold
  9. CMI Gold and Silver

Most of the companies sell online and accept a variety of payment methods for gold coins and bars. Besides coins and bars made in America, the companies sell gold coins and gold bars in other countries like Australia, the UK, and Switzerland. The price of the coins is updated live throughout the day, and the price is fixed at the time of booking with an advance or at the time of payment, depending on the contract entered into. The shipments are generally made the day after the payments are received. The best part is that most companies offer free replacements or refunds in case of loss during shipment.