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6 popular online fundraising platforms for nonprofits

6 popular online fundraising platforms for nonprofits

Online donation platforms make it easy for people to contribute money to noble causes. In doing so, these platforms create a smooth pathway for nonprofit organizations to raise funds and provide necessities to the needy. People can support projects and contribute to social welfare without much paperwork and hassles. However, there are thousands of online donation platforms today. Keeping this in mind, we have listed some popular options to consider.

Qgiv is ideal for small to medium-sized nonprofits that process up to $350,000 annually. The software has several useful features, like donor management, donation tracking, peer-to-peer fundraising, and an auction function with mobile bidding support and a simplified checkout process. It has a customizable fundraising mechanism and simple, intuitive online donation pages. The best part is that Qgiv can be integrated with a nonprofit’s existing website or used as an independent app. One of this platform’s most successful and renowned fundraising campaigns was by army veterans who raised $30,000 to compete in the Invictus Games. All in all, Qgiv is an online donation platform worth a try for individual donors and nonprofit organizations.

Donorbox is among the most popular online fundraising platforms, with more than 50,000 organizations trusting it with their online fundraising efforts. Like Qgiv, it has a quick integration and set-up process that allows nonprofits to start raising funds without delay. Additionally, unlike most others, Donorbox does not have monthly fees, start-up fees, or other contract-related issues. Using this digital platform, donors and fundraising companies can set up crowdfunding campaigns within a few minutes. Another exciting advantage is its user interface, which displays a donor wall and a goal thermometer to show the success rate of an ongoing campaign. Donorbox has multiple utilities; one can create event pages, issue tickets, and accept donations simultaneously using this platform.

This online donation platform is known for its incredible features, such as embeddable donor geography maps, donation tracking and analytics, and social media page integration. With a reasonable pricing model, Fundly offers smaller nonprofits the possibility of raising funds without spending too much on resources. One can easily integrate and operate this platform and receive campaign notifications across multiple devices, making it a top pick for many.

Kindful is better than most other online donation platforms in terms of fundraising flexibility. It has several built-in tools to help nonprofits and individuals integrate it with their own websites or other online platforms. Users can access features like embeddable donation buttons, unlimited donation pages, and peer-to-peer crowdfunding convenience.

Classy offers one of the most modern fundraising experiences and quickfire social impact worldwide with its intuitive and smooth online interface. Individuals and nonprofits have raised more than $3 billion using this platform. Its open API allows users to customize it as per their needs. Using Classy, one can create aesthetic-looking donation campaigns for meaningful projects.

This is one of the most creative online donation platforms with a sleek user interface and a host of peer-to-peer fundraiser features. Using its design tool, Bonfire allows users to create a custom t-shirt to support causes. Besides creating and designing t-shirts for raising funds, the platform helps print and ship them to supporters of a cause. Bonfire has one of the most easy-to-use fund collection mechanisms, making it a top choice for nonprofits.