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4 best VoIP providers for small businesses

4 best VoIP providers for small businesses

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology lets users make voice calls using an Internet broadband connection instead of the regular (or analog) telephone line. With VoIP services, a business would no longer need to be tied down by a limited number of physical phone lines. You can use a VoIP provider’s service to access your VoIP number and place VoIP calls from your mobile phone or desktop using your business phone number. The best part is that your customers will see your business phone number on their called ID.

You can accept incoming calls from customers even if your device has a different, private phone number attached to it. With work from home becoming more common than ever, VoIP systems are all the more beneficial. Given here is a list of the top four VoIP service providers for small businesses:

RingCentral offers a wide range of product features at fairly affordable plan rates. They provide all-around communication solutions, including integrated messaging, unlimited video conferencing, and cloud-hosted VoIP services right out of the box. Their services come with many features that other providers charge you extra for (such as a generous allotment of toll-free minutes). They are economical for small businesses, providing affordable plans for even less than 50 lines. Some of the fabulous features of RingCentral are unlimited calls within the country and Canada, automatic call recording, inbound caller ID, 2500 toll-free monthly minutes, and voice menus in 10 different languages. They have a 24/7customer service team to help you sort out any troubles you may be experiencing with their service.

Vonage Business Cloud
Vonage was a pioneer in both the business and residential VoIP’s. Though competing innovations have eclipsed it, Vonage has continued to invest in business development and faced competition by adding its very own innovative features with breakthroughs in the space, particularly in custom integration. Getting started with Vonage Business Cloud is straightforward compared to more complex solutions offered by some of its competitors. They have a fabulous guided setup experience that leaves nothing to guesswork with hands-on support available. This helps even smaller businesses with limited IT knowledge set up the VoIP and get it running. Vonage’s desktop app for both Microsoft Windows 10 and Apple iOS is the most user-friendly and glitch-free of all the desktop apps when tested with other VoIP app providers.

Ooma creates fabulous communication experiences for small businesses and consumers. Ooma’s SaaS platform works as a communication hub that offers cloud-based telephony and other connected services. They provide communication services with high-definition voice quality and advanced features that can be integrated with mobile devices at very competitive prices, offering value for money. Ooma’s voice quality is excellent because of the combination of their PureVoice Technology and HD Voice technologies. They use advanced voice compression to reduce a phone call’s bandwidth consumption by 60 percent. The beauty of Ooma’s Internet phone service is that you can use the phones you already own. You have to purchase their base station and plug it into your existing phone. They also have new phones if that’s what you want.

Nextiva is an excellent choice for VoIP software for midsize businesses. Nextiva is easy to scale your budget if you have more than one office or have employees working from home. It delivers an impressive balance of features at a very effective price. Nextiva’s team collaboration tool, Co space, lets your team collaborate via video chat so that you can keep everyone on the same page. It’s impressive to note that none of Nextiva’s plans cost beyond $45 a month, which is very reasonable considering all the VoIP service features that go along with it.